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Product Disclaimer

Thank you for your interest in our products. We value your trust and strive to ensure that all information provided is accurate and reliable. We invite you to read our Product Disclaimer, which outlines important information about the use and limitations of our products. This disclaimer is designed to clarify any queries you may have and to help you make informed decisions. Please take a moment to understand the scope, warranties, and responsibilities associated with the use of our products. Your awareness and understanding are crucial for a satisfactory experience with our offerings. We are committed to your satisfaction and are here to assist with any further information you may need.

1. Our Products

Photographs should be considered representative. The photo displayed may not be the item actually being sold, as only one photo of each pattern number is retained as a stock photo.

Sewing and needlework patterns are paper patterns and/or instructions contained in an envelope or book/booklet. The patterns are used as a guide to make the item(s) pictured. If you purchase a pattern, you are not purchasing a completed item or supplies and materials to make the item(s) pictured.

2. What we Offer

We offer vintage, discontinued, newly published, uncut, and used sewing patterns. Our patterns and other printed items are original (not copies) unless specifically stated. Our merchandise is previously owned and sold as-is. We try to accurately describe significant damage and defects. As with most previously owned goods, you can expect them to show signs of normal wear and handling. Pattern envelopes, book pages, and covers may have tears, writing, wrinkles, folds, stains, discoloration, old price tags and markings, odors, or other flaws due to previous ownership. Patterns that have been cut may need to be pressed with a dry iron.

3. Where We Get our Inventory

Our merchandise is purchased from thrift stores and personal sales.

Pattern names, brands, and cover photographs are copyrighted by the manufacturer. Grandma’s House Patterns claims no affiliation or relationship with any pattern designer, manufacturer, distributor, or business concern. We are not responsible for design flaws. Our merchandise is previously owned and was originally purchased from a retail store or from the manufacturer, and re-purchased for resale by us from second-hand sources.

4. Vintage Vs Antique

For taxonomy purposes, Pattern Nomad assumes that products between 30 and 49 years old are vintage. Products that are 50 years old and older, we consider to be antiques. 

5. Ephemera

Some of our Antique Sewing Patterns are extremely delicate. Although we make every attempt to ensure that the pattern is complete, the paper can and probably will disentigrate if ironed or unfolded. While a 100 year old pattern might not be usable as a pattern, oftentimes the envelopes are prized for their unique artwork and subject matter.