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Hollywood 1150 Blouse and Skirt


Featuring: Maureen O’Hara of RKO Radio

Description: This vintage 1940’s Hollywood pattern offers a touch of classic elegance for those looking to create beautiful garments. Designed for size 14 with specific measurements for bust and hip, it’s a perfect project for experienced sewers and newcomers alike.

Pattern Details:

  • Type: Misses’ Blouse and Skirt
  • Condition: This is an Unprinted Pattern, Complete
  • Envelope Condition: Very Good

Collectible Value: The inclusion of Maureen O’Hara of RKO Radio enhances this pattern’s uniqueness and adds a collectible charm. It’s not only a functional sewing pattern but a piece of Hollywood history.

About Maureen O’Hara: Known for her roles in classic films, Maureen O’Hara’s elegance and grace are captured in this pattern. Her collaboration with Hollywood patterns ensures a timeless and elegant design.